- Business Parks and Corporate Headquarters
- Retail Development and Shopping Centres
- Industrial Estates and Production Facilities
- Town Centre Redevelopment and Pedestrianisation
- Residential Development
- Institutional Landscapes
- Leisure and Recreation
- Environmental Improvements 

Business Parks and Corporate Headquarters The creation of high quality landscapes to compliment the building architecture, reflect company image and provide an attractive and functional external space. Attention to detail and the use of high quality stock to create an instant individual landscape that accommodates the functional and aesthetic requirements of the client/end user within the specific site constraints.
Retail Development and Shopping Centres Development of robust structural planting for commercial developments that balance the landscape and visual requirements often imposed by Planning Authorities with the end user function, visibility and image requirements of a high activity commercial environment.
Industrial Estates and Production Facilities Integration of large scale buildings into their surroundings. The extent and complexity of landscape and environmental issues that arises will be dependent on location and use. The development of a comprehensive landscape strategy to accommodate buildings, offices, storage facilities, parking and associated external facilities as appropriate. Mitigation of visual intrusion through the application of appropriate barriers and screening measures.
Town Centre Redevelopment and Pedestrianisation Preparation of schemes to integrate hard and soft landscape elements for the enhancement of existing landscapes or for the development of new urban and civic areas. Co-ordination of the landscape elements the contribute to townscape quality including paving materials, planting and street furniture. A comprehensive approach that co-ordinates all external elements within the framework of existing or proposal development requiring a high level of liaison with other professionals and organisations.
Residential Development The landscape profession has an increasing role to play in the development of quality environments. The establishment of new residential landscapes can create identity and a sense of place that not only provides general amenity benefits but adds commercial value and maturity to a scheme.
Institutional Landscapes Development of educational grounds and gardens for schools to accommodate specific age ranges and integrate educational aspects with recreational uses. Establishment of courtyards and external spaces for hospitals and homes to create therapeutic and contemplative areas whilst balancing sensory experiences with the potential for active, rehabilitation use.
Leisure and Recreation Landscape schemes for parks, general open spaces, golf courses, playing fields and leisure complexes addressing all landscape issues from initial site planning and feasibility through the preparation of masterplans, the clearance of planning conditions to detailed design and implementation.
Environmental Improvements Preparation of landscape schemes for enhancement purposes addressing visual and ecological issues whilst ensuring that any proposals are sustainable and appropriate to the site area and use.

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